Safety and Reliability with LED Tail Lights

Our totally wireless implement LED tail lights come with a transmitter for easy control up front and feature magnetic backing so that it can be easily attached to your trailer or farm equipment. Replace that faulty tail light and get back on the road within minutes with easy to attach tail lights with full brake, hazard, running and turn signal functionality.

Easy On Wireless Tail Lights keeps it simple for your complex jobs. Every now and then, we know you get into some difficulties with your poor magnetic backing feature, farm equipment, trailer, boat, tow trucks, and stalled vehicles when your tail lights give up on you. With Easy On Wireless Tail Lights, “every now and then” is a thing of the past.

Our quality checked totally wireless implement LED tail lights for your trailer and farm equipment will keep up to the energy you bring in your work. When it comes to safety on the road, nothing is more reliable than our emergency warning lights with magnetic backing feature for easier use. Our powerful wireless remote control lights are very dependable and yours to own.

Safety for your family when you need it most is the primary commitment of Easy On Wireless Tail Lights in developing totally wireless implement LED tail lights. That’s why our competitive rates are just right to prevent any disaster or sad incident. We know. We have families too. Grab that magnetic backing feature to effortlessly position it for your security!

Whether you need wireless brake lights, trailer tail lights, or farm equipment tail lights, Easy On Wireless Tail Lights got your back and your rear for all the easy on tail light needs you have.

Don’t compromise for lower quality tail lights. Say “let there be light,” push the button, and your totally wireless implement LED tail lights will start brightening your protection. Just install it with the magnetic backing and you’re good to go.

Choose safety with our reliable totally wireless implement LED tail lights with magnetic backing features for all your farm equipment, towing utility, utility trailer, and personal cars. Contact us now!

Don’t be fooled by products advertised as “wireless tail or tow lights,” but upon inspection require plugging their systems into a working and compatible wiring harness on the tow vehicle to operate their “wireless” lights. 



Farm and ranch equipment

Construction equipment

Utility trailers

Boat trailers

RVs and campers

Wide loads

Emergency lighting

Benefits of EasyOn

No wires

No plug-ins

No charging

Works with ANY vehicle

On your way in minutes

Customer Quote

“Every farm and ranch needs at least one set.  Don’t give the patrol an excuse to stop you!”
— Randal Penman, Alberta Farmer